Summer 2020 IGEN team publications

Fri, July 17, 2020
Summer Publications

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Miller, C. W., Zwickl, B. M., Posselt, J. R., Silvestrini, R. T., & Hodapp, T. (2020). Response to comment on “Typical physics Ph.D. admissions criteria limit access to underrepresented groups but fail to predict doctoral completion.” Science Advances, 6(23), eaba4647.

Posselt, J., Hernandez, T. E., Villarreal, C. D., Rodgers, A. J., & Irwin, L. N. (2020). Evaluation and Decision Making in Higher Education: Toward Equitable Repertoires of Faculty Practice. Higher Education: Handbook of Theory and Research: Volume 35, 1-63.

Julie Posselt: System Shocks and Institutional Change. (2020, March) Pullias Center.