• APS Virtual Career Fair

    APS Virtual Career Fair

    The American Physical Society is hosting its second annual standalone Virtual Career Fair on the virtual platform Gather. This event will include both a Job Fair and a Graduate School Fair and it will be held over a two-day period, September 14-15
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  • Inclusive Practice Hub - Research | Practice

    Emotional Intelligence Workshop Series

    Through our partnership with the Inclusive Graduate Education Network, an NSF INCLUDES Alliance, we are holding a five-part workshop series that focuses on the development of social-emotional competencies that are essential for success in graduate education and future career performance. Workshops suitable for students and faculty.  Register Now!
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Event Archive

  • Virtual Journal Club – June 2022

    Quarterly Virtual Journal Club on Monday, June 27th at 12pmPT/ 3pmET. This meeting will address the development of departmental support structures

  • Holistic Admissions & Recruitment Institute


    This Holistic Admissions and Recruitment Institute will feature three online workshops covering fundamentals, strategies, and recruitment for an equity-based holistic admissions process.

  • IGEN Open House

    The Inclusive Graduate Education Network (IGEN) will host the first IGEN Open House on June 9, 2022 4–5pm ET. During this meeting, attendees will be able to connect with IGEN Partners from across the country.

  • 2022 Spring Bridge Department Collaborators Meeting

    The Inclusive Graduate Education Network (IGEN) will host the third joint IGEN Bridge Department Collaborators Meeting in Spring 2022. During this meeting, attendees will be able to connect with Bridge Department collaborators from the geosciences, physics and the chemical sciences.

  • Virtual Journal Club

    Quarterly Virtual Journal Club on Monday, March 7th at 12pmPT/ 3pmET. This meeting will address the climate of bridge programs and how to support a strong sense of belonging for minoritized students. We are excited to discuss the article: “Graduate Bridge Programs as Nepantla for Minoritized Students in STEM: Navigating Challenges With Non-Bridge Peers and Faculty” by Raúl Gamez and colleagues.

  • Virtual Journal Club

    This meeting will report on the growing base of evidence that holistic review promotes equity in graduate education through a discussion of the article: “Reimagining Merit and Representation: Promoting Equity and Reducing Bias in GME Through Holistic Review” by Barcelo and colleagues.

  • 2021 IGEN National Meeting


    The IGEN National Meeting provides an opportunity for organizations and individuals dedicated to advancing equity for Black, Latinx and Indigenous students in STEM graduate education to share ideas, learn together and develop/strengthen their networks. 

  • Virtual Journal Club

    Virtual Journal Clubs (VJCs) are quarterly gatherings that break down research studies and social theories that are relevant to equity in graduate education, with attention to practical implications.

  • Virtual Journal Club

    The discussion will address the development and implementation of mentoring programs for Indigenous graduate students.

  • Virtual Journal Club

    To shed light on the racialized recruitment experiences of Black students, we will examine how race and racism relate to doctoral student recruitment, and develop our understanding of equity-advancing recruitment practices.