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Inclusive Graduate Education Network


The NSF INCLUDES Alliance: Inclusive Graduate Education Network (IGEN) is a partnership of over 30 societies, institutions, organizations, corporations, and national laboratories poised to lead a paradigm shift in increasing the participation of Black, Latinx and Indigenous students who enter graduate or doctorate level programs in the physical sciences. Its mission is to raise doctoral degree attainment rates of these groups in the physical sciences to match their bachelors degree attainment rates.


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IGEN Engagement

Google, which is an IGEN partner, has been an IGEN National Meeting sponsor and continues to provide financial support to IGEN in its efforts to increase equity in graduate STEM education.

Google is committed to developing a pipeline for UREM students to transition into professional careers and to attend to their professional development. As such, we are developing materials for training of their research mentors, and constructing logistic guidelines to make students known to hiring managers and researchers.

American Chemical Society

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The American Chemical Society is one of five scientific societies that have founded IGEN to increase the participation of underrepresented minorities in graduate studies in the chemical science and chemical engineering.

Materials Research Society

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The Materials Research Society (MRS), a founding member of IGEN, is working to bring equity and to increase inclusion in graduate education and in post-graduate research opportunities in materials science and engineering.