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Equity-Minded Mentoring Toolkit

This toolkit is an invitation for you to engage in deeper thinking about how mentoring relationships in graduate education can embody equity-mindedness. Whether you consider yourself a current mentor or a mentee, or whether this role is yet to come, mentoring is an essential part of the higher education landscape. Yet, to ensure that mentoring is a mechanism of advancing opportunity (rather than limiting opportunity to a select few), mentors and mentees must engage in active learning, constant reflection, and the adaptation of tailored practices (NASEM, 2019).

What is the relationship between emotional intelligence and dental student clinical performance?


"Emotional intelligence has emerged as a key factor in differentiating average from outstanding performers in managerial and leadership positions across multiple business settings, but relatively few studies have examined the role of emotional intelligence in the health care professions. The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between emotional intelligence (EI) and dental student clinical performance. All third- and fourth-year students at a single U.S. dental school were invited to participate. Participation rate was 74 percent (100/136).

Utilizing Equitable and Inclusive Design Principles to Promote STEM Identity of Community College Transfer Students

The University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC), Workshops for Engineering & Science Transfers (WEST) 2019 program designed workshops for

students interested in chemistry, climate science, physics, and toxicology that focused on promoting the scientific identities by incorporating authentic ways for students to receive recognition from both peers and instructional facilitators, as well as allowing students to tap into their own personal interests and values.

Virtual Journal Club - Article Summary - Support Structures

Departmental support structures for physics graduate students: Development and
psychometric evaluation of a self-report instrument
By Diana Sachmpazidi and Charles Henderson
Date & Time of Journal Club: Monday, June 27th 2022 at 12pmPT/3pmET

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The American Physical Society’s Bridge Program (APS-BP) has significantly higher persistence rates than