Corrie Kuniyoshi

Corrie Kuniyoshi
Senior Program Manager in the Graduate & Postdoctoral Scholars Office at the American Chemical Society

Dr. Corrie Kuniyoshi is a Senior Program Manager at the American Chemical Society. She received her Ph.D. in Physical-Organic Chemistry from the University of California, Los Angeles. Corrie has over 15 years of work experience developing career and professional programming for graduate students and postdocs in STEM fields, including creating and acting as the chief editor for the ACS Graduate & Postdoctoral Chemist magazine and co-leading the development of the ACS IDP ( launched in 2015. Corrie is a Gallup Certified Strength Finder Coach and a MBTI certified practitioner. She is the PI for the NSF Grant Impact Indicators and Instruments for Individual Development Plans (I3IDP) grant. Corrie loves learning about the unique personalities of others.


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The American Chemical Society is one of five scientific societies that have founded IGEN to increase the participation of underrepresented minorities in graduate studies in the chemical science and chemical engineering.