Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

IGEN Engagement

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) is committed to developing a pipeline for UREM students to transition into professional careers and to attend to their professional development. As such, we are developing materials for training of their research mentors, and constructing logistic guidelines to make students known to hiring managers and researchers.

PNNL Education and Outreach Programs

Student opportunities for undergraduate, graduates, post-graduates—including internships and fellowships—to engage in research in the newest innovations and scientific developments in their disciplines

About the Lab

PNNL advances the frontiers of knowledge, taking on some of the world’s greatest science and technology challenges. Distinctive strengths in chemistry, earth sciences, and data analytics are the heart of our science mission, laying a foundation for innovations that improve America’s energy resiliency and enhance our national security.

We are a national lab with Pacific Northwest roots and global reach. Whether our researchers are unlocking the mysteries of Earth’s climate, helping modernize the U.S. electric power grid, or safeguarding ports around the world from nuclear smuggling, we accept great challenges for one purpose: to create a world that is safer, cleaner, more prosperous, and more secure. 

Let us show you what happens when great minds meet great challenges.