Developing high quality interviews

Register in advance for the EGE Community Discussion Series.

The community jam sessions are intended to create space for brainstorming and sharing ways to elicit applicants’ lived experiences and potential to contribute to your mission-driven pursuit of diversity and inclusion. We will discuss the following topics this Fall 2023:

All dates are at 12pmPT/3pmET. Please register here at

September 20: Rethinking personal statements/ essay prompts

Optional pre-read: The T Word: Resisting expectations to share trauma in college essays by Aya Waller-Bey

October 18: Integrating diversity and inclusion considerations into your rubric

Optional pre-read: Redefining merit through new routines: Holistic admissions policy implementation in graduate education by Julie Posselt, Deborah Southern, Theresa Hernandez, Steve Desir, Fatima Alleyne, and Casey Miller

November 29: Developing high quality interviews

Optional pre-read: Stop eliminating perfectly good candidates by asking them the wrong questions by Nilofer Merchant

Each session will start with a brief presentation of principles and/or research evidence about equitable, lawful use of these tools. It will be followed by a 30-40 minute breakout session where you can brainstorm with colleagues from around the country. Breakout rooms will be by discipline, recognizing that there are field-specific ways that programs engage with applicants. Finally, we will have 15-20 minutes of discussion in a large-group format that is led by members of the EGE leadership team and steering committee.

Although as always we will be anchored in research, we will forego our usual, quarterly Virtual Journal Clubs for a time to host these sessions in hopes of meeting a more urgent need within our community. Information shared will not constitute legal advice and you are encouraged to bring prospective content back to your Office of General Counsel for discussion and approval before use.

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