Mildred Peyton

Mildred Peyton, AAS
AAS DEI Committee Support Specialist
American Astronomical Society

Dr. Mildred Peyton is the DEI Committee Support Specialist at American Astronomical Society (AAS), and she has partnered with IGEN as a Program Manager. Dr. Peyton has an extensive background in human services/social policy, and has over five years of experience as a non-voting member in the Committee on Hate/Violence (COHV) under the County's Office of Human Rights. Dr. Peyton holds two certificates: Certificate in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in the Workplace, and a certificate in Creating A Culture of Equity. In her previous consulting firm she developed training materials on DEI, harassment, and workplace bully. Dr. Peyton is passionate about her role and seeks to make a positive social change.